Sci2 Manual : 4.2 Sci2 Release Notes v0.5.1 alpha


This release includes improvements and bug fixes for high-demand algorithms such as the Burst Detection algorithm and the Guess visualization algorithm. See the change log below for full details. See also the Sci2 release v0.5 alpha release notes (from our last major release).


Download an offline copy of this manual (87.6 MB)  (Updated May 31, 2011) 
Download an offline copy of the CIShell Manual, which contains algorithm documentation for Sci2 (19.9 MB) (Updated May 31, 2011)

Tool Change Log

New Features

  • Added support for different burst lengths and burst length units (minutes, hours, days, months and years) on the Burst Detection algorithm. This will allow user to divide the date range into a number of burstable periods (batches).


  • Extra information and suggestions will be printed to the Console when using burst detection in the following cases: no burst is detected, the given date format does not match the given date values, and when there is not enough memory to handle a large number of batches.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Node Betweenness Centrality algorithm failed when processing certain NWB files.
  • Fixed a GUESS issue where the Graph Modifier tab was missing on Mac machines.
  • Fixed a null pointer exception on the Slice-by-time algorithm which occurred when the user-specified time range was larger than the time range of the provided data.


  • - These plugins provide the support for the newest version of the ISI Web of Science file format. Download the file and uncompress the plugins into your sci2/plugins/ directory. Note: This plugins will be included in the future Sci2 release. See ISI (*.isi) for more information.
  • edu.iu.nwb.analysis.extractnetfromtable_1.0.0.jar - Support long data type for aggregating data through extract network algorithms