Sci2 Manual : 4.4 Sci2 Release Notes v1.0 alpha


This release is built with CIShell 2.0 framework. It includes support for Mac OS X Cocoa platform, and new features such as new visualizations, Google Scholar Citation reader, R bridging, Gephi bridging, and many more. See the change log below for full details


The database plugin at 3.2 Additional Plugins is not compatible with this version. A new database plugin will be available soon. Please follow us at


Download an offline copy of Sci2 v1.0 alpha manual (44 MB)  (Updated July 16, 2012) 


Tool Change Log

New Features


  • Support overflow and underflow check for aggregate functions
  • Unified output attribute names for network algorithms
  • Unified visualization parameters and console print out
  • Standardized visualization Postscript layout with How to Read text, legends and title
  • Reposition map for Geographical Network Algorithm
  • Improved Error message handling for Geographical Network algorithm
  • Updated online tutorial to explain Author Ages issue
  • Updated online tutorial regarding ISI total time cited default -1 value
  • Improved bipartite network edges drawing
  • Improved bipartite sorting for numerical numbers that are string type
  • Updated developer list
  • Improved bipartite sorting for numerical numbers that are string type
  • Updated new color schema for all visualizations to follow color blind standard
  • Updated UCSD map of science with 10 years of ISI and Scopus journal mapping, discipline colors, and added unclassified journal listing. 
  • Added download utility to standardize network handling for algorithms that use internet service
  • Moved R working directory into system temporary directory
  • Updated FreeHEP (a Java2D object to PostScript conversion library) to 2.1.1
  • Updated Geolibs (an open source Java GIS toolkit) to 2.7.4
  • Updated Menu items
    • Update menu item order and structure
    • Rename Circle Geographical Map to Proportional Symbol Map
    • Rename Region Geographical Map to Choropleth Map
    • Rename Yahoo Geocoder name to Yahoo! Geocoder
    • Rename K-Nearest Neighbor (java) to K-Nearest Neighbor

Bug fixes

  • Fixed overflow issue of dropdown box in GUESS
  • Fixed missing model.jpg issue
  • Fixed menu path for all algorithms
  • Fixed NULL pointer exception on Aggregate function
  • Fixed Proportional Symbol Map failure to handle float value
  • Fixed Proportional Symbol Map Null Pointers issue
  • Fixed weighted PageRank failure to handle weight error
  • Fixed duplicate items of GUESS dropdown box
  • Removed the misleading author name normalization message from ISI file load algorithm