Citations Table

The citations table holds the information about a citation of a document including the volume, author, and year.




PKintegerPrimary key 
annotationvarcharAnnotation to the reference 
article_numbervarcharReference article number 
author_idvarcharThe PK of the first author of the referenced document 
digital_object_identifiervarcharDOI of the referenced document 
other_informationvarcharOther information about the reference 
page_numberintegerPage number referenced 
document_idintegerThe PK of the document being referenced in the documents table 
raw_citationvarcharThe raw reference string from the original document 
source_idintegerThe PK of the source of the referenced document 
yearintegerThe year that the referenced document was published 
starredvarcharDenotes whether the reference was starred 
volumeintegerVolume numberThe volume is an integer field which causes problems with certain publication types, including Medline and Scopus, which include letters in their volume information.


For implementation details or more complete documentation, please see the source.

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