Documents Table

The documents table holds the information that describes a document like the title and abstract.




PKintegerPrimary key 
abstractvarcharAbstract of the document 
document_numbervarcharArticle number for new APS journals 
beginning_pageintegerFirst page of the document 
cited_citation_countintegerNumber of references cited by the document 
digital_object_identifiervarcharDOI of the document 
isi_typevarcharType of document  
volumevarcharVolume number of the document 
ending_pageintegerLast page of the document 
first_author_idintegerPK of the first author from the people table 
funding_agency_and_grant_numbervarcharFunding information 
funding_textvarcharRaw text with funding information 
isbnvarcharISBN of the document 
isi_document_delivery_numbervarcharISI document delivery number 
isi_unique_article_identifiervarcharISI unique article identifier 
page_countintegerNumber of pages 
part_numbervarcharPart number 
publication_datevarcharDate of publication 
publication_yearintegerYear of publication 
source_idintegerPK of the source 
special_issuevarcharDenotes a special issue 
subject_categoryvarcharList of related categories 
supplementvarcharName of the supplement where published 
times_citedintegerNumber of times cited 
cite_asvarcharPreferred citation string 


For implementation details or more complete documentation, please see the source.

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