This table does not contain actual editor data. Rather, it is a relationship table between DOCUMENT and PERSON. Each record in this table describes a "Person was an editor of Document" relationship. That being said, both the PERSON and EDITORS tables are being referred to when mentioning editors in this article.

Editors are only parsed out of the "ED" ISI field. It is always assumed that they are specified in the abbreviated name form, the parsing of which is described in this article. As such, the abbreviated name fields in the PERSON table (FAMILY_NAME, FIRST_INITIAL, MIDDLE_INITIAL, and UNSPLIT_NAME) are the only fields that will potentially contain data.

This table contains the following fields:

  • EDITORS_DOCUMENT_FK: The foreign key into the DOCUMENT table.
  • EDITORS_PERSON_FK: The foreign key into the PERSON table.
  • ORDER_LISTED: The order in which this editor was listed in the "ED" field. Currently is 0-based (so the first is 0, the second 1, etc.), though that is likely to change soon.

See DOCUMENT, PERSON, and How Abbreviated Names are Parsed for additional details.