Full names appear in two basic forms:

  • <Last Name>, <First and possibly Middle Names>
  • <Last Name> <First and possibly Middle Names>

(The only real difference is the comma.)

When parsing a full name, it is first split into tokens. The first token is always considered to be the last name (which corresponds to the PERSON.FAMILY_NAME field, though practically speaking that field is always filled by the parsing results of the "AU" or "ED" ISI fields). If a second token is supplied, it is considered to be the first name (PERSON.PERSONAL_NAME). All tokens after the second are concatenated together, separated by a single space character, and treated as the middle name (PERSON.ADDITIONAL_NAME).

All values that end up in PERSON.FULL_NAME as a result of this loader are converted to a canonical form, which is of the form:

  • <Last Name>, <First Name> <Middle Names>

where <Middle Names> is all tokens after the second concatenated as described above.

Note: Titles such as Mr., Ms., Mrs., etc are not directly supported, in that there are no special parsing rules to handle them.

See AUTHORS, EDITORS, PERSON, REFERENCE, and How Abbreviated Names are Parsed.