Sources Table

The people table includes information about a publication's source like the full title, issn, and publication type.




PKintegerPrimary key 
book_series_titlevarcharTitle of the series that the source is part of 
book_series_subtitlevarcharSubtitle of the series that the source is part of 
conference_hostvarcharHost of the conference 
conference_locationvarcharLocation of the conference 
conference_sponsorsvarcharList of sponsors of the conference 
conference_titlevarcharTitle of the conference 
conference_datesintegerConference dates 
full_titlevarcharFull title 
iso_title_abbreviationvarcharISO abbreviation of the  title 
publication_typevarcharType of publication 
twenty_nine_character_source_abbreviationvarchar29 character source abbreviation 


For implementation details or more complete documentation, please see the source.

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